Song Lyrics


Verse 1

Sitting in my soft armchair

Feet up on the furniture

Laptop resting on my thighs

Showing me my charts and pies

Verse 2

I look up to see a window washer

Sitting on a piece of wood

Dangling from a pair of ropes

Balancing a bucket of soap

Verse 3

He hangs on to a suction cup

Reaches for a sudsy brush

Scrubs circles on the windowpane

Dries it with a squeegee blade

Verse 4

He sees me looking out at him

Smiles with a full-toothed grin

Waves at me like a long-lost friend

Slides down to start all over again


I got to wonder

If he had my life

And I were out there in a gusty wind

Suspended from a rusty rig


Would I still smile at him?

Would I take the time

To pay him any mind?

Would I wave goodbye?


Don’t ever think you have it so good

There’s lots of people doing just fine

Without your titles or your conference calls

They might be the ones who have it all

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